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Cape Town Admission Ceremony Communique

Posted: 2022-03-09 08:00

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Graduates should please collect their gowns from The CMSA, 17 Milner Road RONDEBOSCH, 7700 between 10:00 and 16:30 on 16 May 2022, and 17 May 2022. Please present yourself at the Admission Ceremony venue by 17:15 at the latest to allow sufficient time for procedures and seating, as the ceremony starts at 18:00 promptly.


This card provides your name to the Honorary Registrar to announce your name for individual recognition as you walk across the stage and provides your name and details for the photographer for sending of your photographs. This "name announcement card" card will be on your seat at the Admission Ceremony.

When your row is called, you will proceed in line with your "name announcement card" and present it to the Honorary Registrar at the podium. Your name will be called as it appears on your name announcement card as you proceed to be hooded and then stand next to the President.

  • Suggested attire for women
    • Elegant attire befitting the ceremony
    • Low heel or flat shoes
  • Suggested attire for men
    • Attire befitting the ceremony
    • No sandals
  • Ceremony Etiquette
    • Once you have entered the hall and have been seated you are expected to remain seated until your row is called upon to be presented to the President.
    • Cell phones should be turned off.
    • The ceremony generally lasts about two hours.
    • Out of respect for the ceremony and your colleagues who are still awaiting their turn all participants are to remain seated until the end of the ceremony

Candidates are expected to wear a mask for the duration of the ceremony. Candidates who present proof of two Johnson & Johnson vaccines or three Pfizer vaccines are permitted to take to the stage to be admitted to membership of the CMSA without a mask. Candidates who do not have this proof will be required to wear their mask on stage.

Presentation of Candidates:
  • The Honorary Registrar will announce the qualification and then the names of each candidate for that qualification, individually.
  • The order of presentation will be: Fellowships and/or Certificates by peer review, Medalists, Diplomates, Certificates, and Fellows by examination.
  • The candidate will walk up the stage, give the Honorary Registrar the “name announcement card” and stand by the mark on the floor. The Honorary Registrar will call out the candidate’s name, who will then walk across to the middle of the stage where they will be hooded. The candidate will proceed to walk to the President who will hand them the scroll and wait for their photo to be taken. Thereafter, the candidate will walk off the stage.

The CMSA is one of the institutions that still honours the proud tradition of announcing each individual’s name. So that every family may hear the name of their graduate called, please ask your friends and family members to restrain from yells, claps, or other noise until all the names in your College have been read. At that time, we will pause the ceremony and allow time for applause and cheers.

Please be respectful of the guest speaker and your fellow graduates and do not leave the hall during the ceremony.

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