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Membership Privileges

Life Membership

Members who have been in good standing with the CMSA for thirty years since registration and who have reached the age of sixty-five years, qualify for life membership, but must apply to the CMSA office in Rondebosch.

They can also become life members by paying a sum equal to twenty annual subscriptions at the rate applicable at the date of such payment, less an amount equal to five annual subscriptions if they have already paid for five years or longer.

Retirement Options

The names of members who have retired from active practice will, upon receipt of notification by the CMSA office in Rondebosch, be transferred to the list of "retired members".
The CMSA offers two options in this category:

First Option
The payment of a small subscription which will entitle the member to all privileges, including voting rights at Senate or constituent College elections. If they continue to pay this small subscription they will, most importantly, qualify for life membership when this is due.

Second Option
No further financial obligations to the CMSA, no voting rights and unfortunately no life membership in years to come.
Members in either of the "retired membership" categories continue to receive the Transactions Journal of the CMSA electronically and other important Collegiate matter.

Waiving of Annual Subscriptions

Payment of annual subscriptions are waived in respect of those who have attained the age of seventy years and members in this category retain their voting rights.

Those who have reached the age of seventy years must advise the CMSA office in Rondebosch accordingly. Subscriptions will not be waived automatically.

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