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RWS Cheetham Award in Psychiatry

  1. The R W S Cheetham Award consists of a medal and a certificate.

  2. The award is made annually (in respect of a calendar year) by the Senate of The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa (CMSA) for a published essay of sufficient merit on trans- or cross-cultural psychiatry, which may include a research or review article..  

  3. The paper must have appeared in the South African Journal of Psychiatry (part of the South African Medical Journal) or the SAMJ proper, or other internationally recognised journal, during the calendar year specified in the advertisement inviting applications.  

  4. The applicant must submit three reprints to:

    Evelyn Chetty
    The Colleges of Medicine of South Africa(CMSA)
    5 Claribel Road

    Telephone: +27 31 261 8213 or +27 31 261 8518
    Fax: +27 31 261 3784
    Email Addresses:

  5. Where the paper has had more than one author, the application for the award must be accompanied by a letter from the co-authors indicating the extent to which the applicant was involved in the work on which the essay is based.

  6. The award is restricted to medical practitioners registered and practising in South Africa.

  7. The Selection Committee consists of three members of the College of Psychiatrists (CMSA), appointed by the Chairperson.

  8. The Selection Committee has the discretion to decide whether any person shall be recommended for the award on more than one occasion.

  9. Members of the Selection Committee of the College of Psychiatrists are not eligible for the award.

  10. If in any year, the Selection Committee does not consider any of the papers submitted to be of sufficient merit, no award will be made.

  11. The decision of the Selection Committee in connection with the making of the award is ratified by the Council of the CMSA.

  12. The closing date for applications is 15 January of the following year, to give applicants sufficient time to submit articles which were published late in the year for which the award is made.

  13. The medal is presented by the President of the College of Psychiatrists (CMSA) or his/her nominee, at a suitable gathering of Psychiatrists, e.g. a National Congress.

Adopted  by Senate in  October 1995
and  revised  in  January  1999  and
October 1999 to effect nomenclature

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